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Shields Provisions

Shields Meats and Produce is a family run business spanning four generations which has been providing the finest quality meat and produce to customers since 1923. The combination of old-fashioned quality and modern technology allows Shields to supply regional stores, caterers, and restaurants with the highest quality provisions. Shields is more than a local wholesale butcher. We provide year-round service with a wide array of products ranging from basic staples to prepared products to gourmet cuisine.

Shields Provisions branched from Shields Meats in 2004. Shields Provisions produces our cold cuts, kielbasa, and our famous Natural Casing and skinless hotdogs, and our newest product, the Flat-furter (Flatfurter). The Flat-furter is a flat hotdog which fits perfectly onto a hamburger bun. The Flat-furter is made from lean veal, pork, and beef with no fillers which make it delicious as well as fun.

Simply check out our catalog online to see a sample of the wide array of products that we sell. People choose Shields Meat and Produce and Shields Provisions because they know they will receive choice products at a fair price as well as personalized, dependable, and uncomparable service.

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