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Shields Meat and Produce
Shields Provisions
125 York Street
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Phone (207) 985-7116


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Shields Catalog

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Fresh Meat


  Bottom Flats  Add

  Brisket  Add

  Chuck rolls  Add

  Chuck Tenders  Add

  Chucks 2 Way  Add

  Clods  Add

  Export Ribs  Add

  Eye Rounds  Add

  Flank Steaks  Add

  Flap Meat  Add

  Flap Peeled  Add

  Goosenecks  Add

  Inside Rounds  Add

  Inside Skirts  Add

  Peeled Knuckles  Add

  PSMO  Add

  Rib Eyes  Add

  Ribs 109  Add

  Short Ribs  Add

  Shortloins  Add

  Strips 0x1  Add

  Strips 1x1  Add

  Tenderloin Tips  Add

  Top Butts Boneless  Add


  Breast Bone-in  Add

  Breast Boneless  Add

  Chicken Tenders  Add

  Cov Roasters  Add

  Drum Sticks  Add

  Fowl Skin-on/Boneless 10oz  Add

  Fowl Skin-on/Boneless 8oz  Add

  Fowl Skinless/Boneless 10oz  Add

  Fowl Skinless/Boneless 5oz  Add

  Fowl Skinless/Boneless 6oz  Add

  Fowl Skinless/Boneless 7oz  Add

  Fowl Skinless/Boneless 8oz  Add

  Fryers #3  Add

  Fryers #3 1/2-4  Add

  Leg Quarters  Add

  Legs  Add

  Statler Breast  Add

  Wings Jumbo  Add


  Legs  Add

  Loins  Add

  Tops  Add


  Baby Back Ribs 13/4 Down  Add

  Baby Back Ribs 2 Down  Add

  Baby Back Ribs 4D Light  Add

  Pork Butt Bone-in  Add

  Pork Butt Boneless  Add

  Porkloins Bone-in CC  Add

  Porkloins Boneless  Add

  Porkloins Whole  Add

  St Louis Ribs 2 1/2 Down  Add

  St Louis Ribs 2 3/4 Down  Add

Fresh Produce

Fresh Herbs/Spices

  Anise  Add

  Basil Bag  Add

  Basil Crate  Add

  Chervil  Add

  Chives  Add

  Cilantro  Add

  Dill  Add

  Flowers Edible  Add

  Garlic 30#  Add

  Garlic Elephant/SLV  Add

  Garlic Peeled  Add

  Ginger Root 30#  Add

  Ginger Root 5#  Add

  Marjoram  Add

  Mint  Add

  Oregano  Add

  Parsley Curly  Add

  Parsley Flat  Add

  Radish Sprouts  Add

  Rosemary  Add

  Sage  Add

  Shallots 5# 10#  Add

  Shallots Peeled  Add

  Tarragon  Add

  Thyme  Add

  Tomato Sun Dried  Add

  Watercress  Add


  Apple Braeburn  Add

  Apple Cortland 80/100  Add

  Apple Golden Delicious 100  Add

  Apple Granny Smith 100  Add

  Apple Granny Smith 64/72  Add

  Apple MacIntosh 100  Add

  Apple MacIntosh 120  Add

  Apple Red Delicious 64/72/100  Add

  Apricots Dry  Add

  Apricots Fresh  Add

  Bananas  Add

  Bananas Prem  Add

  Blackberries  Add

  Blueberries  Add

  Cantaloupe 15  Add

  Cantaloupe 9/12  Add

  Cherries  Add

  Cider Half-Gallon  Add

  Clementine Gift  Add

  Cranberries  Add

  Figs Green  Add

  Grapefruit 32 P  Add

  Grapefruit 40 P  Add

  Grapes  Add

  Grapes Seedless Green  Add

  Grapes Seedless Red  Add

  Kiwi Tray  Add

  La Fruit 4/1  Add

  Lemons 115  Add

  Lemons 140  Add

  Lemons 75-95  Add

  Limes 42  Add

  Mangos  Add

  Melon Cranshaw  Add

  Melon Honeydew 5/6  Add

  Melon Honeydew 8/9  Add

  Nectarines Large  Add

  Nectarines Tray T/R  Add

  Orange California 113  Add

  Orange Florida 80/100  Add

  Papayas  Add

  Peaches Large  Add

  Peaches Tray T/R  Add

  Pears Bartlett 80/90  Add

  Pears D'Anjou 80/90  Add

  Pineapples Golden 8  Add

  Plums Black Large  Add

  Plums Red Large  Add

  Raspberries  Add

  Rhubarb  Add

  Star Fruit  Add

  Strawberries Pkgs  Add

  Watermelon Bin  Add

  Watermelon Box  Add

  Watermelon Seedless  Add


  Alfalfa Sprouts Bulk  Add

  Alfalfa Sprouts Cello  Add

  Arrugula Baby  Add

  Asparagus Standard  Add

  Asparagus Thin  Add

  Atichokes  Add

  Avacado Haas  Add

  Beans Green  Add

  Beans Snipped  Add

  Beans Sunshine  Add

  Beansprouts Bulk  Add

  Beansprouts Cello  Add

  Beets Cut  Add

  Bok Choy SM  Add

  Broccoli 14  Add

  Broccoli Crown  Add

  Broccoli Florets 4x3  Add

  Broccoli Rabe  Add

  Brussel Sprouts C/B  Add

  Cabbage Green  Add

  Cabbage Nappa SM  Add

  Cabbage Red  Add

  Carrette 1#  Add

  Carrots 1# Cello  Add

  Carrots Cut  Add

  Carrots Peeled 25#  Add

  Carrots Shredded 5#  Add

  Cauliflower Cello  Add

  Celery 24  Add

  Celery Hearts 12  Add

  Chard Green Swiss  Add

  Chard Red Swiss  Add

  Cole Slaw, Dole  Add

  Corn  Add

  Corn Indian Mini  Add

  Cucumber Hothouse  Add

  Cucumber Picklers  Add

  Cucumber Select  Add

  Cucumber Super  Add

  Eggplant  Add

  Eggplant Italian/Japanese  Add

  Endive Belgian  Add

  Gourds  Add

  Haricot Verts  Add

  Jicama  Add

  Kale Green  Add

  Leeks  Add

  Lettuce Cello  Add

  Lettuce Cut Ceasar 10#  Add

  Lettuce Frisee  Add

  Lettuce Green Leaf  Add

  Lettuce Green Leaf Crown  Add

  Lettuce Hydro  Add

  Lettuce Mesclun  Add

  Lettuce Naked  Add

  Lettuce Red Leaf  Add

  Lettuce Romaine  Add

  Lettuce Romaine Crown  Add

  Lettuce Romaine Hearts  Add

  Lettuce Savoy Cello  Add

  Mushrooms 10# Large  Add

  Mushrooms 10# Medium Dry  Add

  Mushrooms 10# Sliced 1/8  Add

  Mushrooms 10# Sliced 3/8  Add

  Mushrooms Basket Large  Add

  Mushrooms Cello 10oz  Add

  Mushrooms Crimini 3#/5#  Add

  Mushrooms Oyster 3#/5#  Add

  Mushrooms Portabella 5#  Add

  Mushrooms Shitake A/B  Add

  Onions 20/2#  Add

  Onions 50#  Add

  Onions Red Large  Add

  Onions Red Medium  Add

  Onions Spanish Colossal  Add

  Onions Spanish Regular  Add

  Onions Spanish Supersize  Add

  Onions Sweet  Add

  Onions White Boiler  Add

  Organics  Add

  Parsnip Cello  Add

  Peas Snap  Add

  Peas Snow  Add

  Peppers Green Large  Add

  Peppers H H Orange  Add

  Peppers H H Red  Add

  Peppers H H Yellow  Add

  Peppers Habanero  Add

  Peppers Jalapeno  Add

  Peppers Poblano  Add

  Peppers Red  Add

  Potatoes 10#  Add

  Potatoes California 50#  Add

  Potatoes Chefs  Add

  Potatoes Fingerlings  Add

  Potatoes Idaho 100  Add

  Potatoes Idaho 40  Add

  Potatoes Idaho 70  Add

  Potatoes Idaho 80  Add

  Potatoes Idaho 90  Add

  Potatoes Peeled  Add

  Potatoes Red A  Add

  Potatoes Red B  Add

  Potatoes Red Creamer  Add

  Potatoes Russet 5#  Add

  Potatoes White B  Add

  Potatoes White Creamer  Add

  Potatoes Yukon 50#  Add

  Pumpkin Bin  Add

  Pumpkin Mini  Add

  Pumpkin Sugar  Add

  Raddicchio  Add

  Radish 6oz  Add

  Radish Bunch  Add

  Radish Daikon 50# 5#  Add

  Salad Mix #76  Add

  Scallion  Add

  Spinach 10oz  Add

  Spinach Baby  Add

  Squash Acorn  Add

  Squash Buttercup  Add

  Squash Butternut  Add

  Squash Peeled 10#  Add

  Squash Spaghetti  Add

  Squash Summer 25 20#  Add

  Squash Summer Baby  Add

  Squash Zucchini 25 20#  Add

  Squash Zucchini Baby  Add

  Tomatillos  Add

  Tomato 5x6  Add

  Tomato 6x7  Add

  Tomato Cherry  Add

  Tomato Cluster  Add

  Tomato Grape  Add

  Tomato Hot House  Add

  Tomato Hot House  Add

  Tomato Plum  Add

  Tomato Yellow  Add

  Turnip Wax  Add

  Yams Large  Add

  Yams Regular  Add

Fresh Hood Dairy

10 Quart Mix

  2% Low Fat Chocolate Soft Serve Mix  Add

  2% Low Fat Vanilla Soft Serve Mix  Add

  5% Chocolate Soft Serve Mix  Add

  5% Vanilla Soft Serve Mix  Add

12 oz ESL

  1% Milk 12oz  Add

  Chocolate  Add

  Strawberry  Add

8 oz

  1% Chocolate UHT  Add

  2% Milk UHT  Add

  Orange Juice  Add

  Whole Milk UHT  Add

Bulk Milk

  2% Milk 5gal  Add

  Whole Milk 5gal  Add


  Cottage Cheese 5lb  Add

  Cream Cheese 1oz  Add

  Fat Free Cottage Cheese 5lb  Add

  Ricotta w/m Maggio 32oz  Add

  Sour Cream 16oz  Add

  Sour Cream 1oz  Add

  Sour Cream 5lb  Add

  Whipped Cream Crowley 14oz  Add

  Whipped Cream Instant 14oz  Add

  Yogart, Axel. Plain 32oz  Add

  Yogart, Strawberry 5lb  Add

  Yogurt, Fat Free Stoneyfield Variety 6oz (6 straw,6 blue)  Add

  Yogurt, Low Fat Stoneyfield Variety 6oz (6 straw,6 blue)  Add


  Aseptic Creamers (360)  Add

  Half & Half Pint  Add

  Half & Half Quart  Add

  Heavy Cream Rolling Hills 40% Quart  Add

  Individual Half & Half (400)  Add

  Individual Light Cream  Add

  Individual Milk  Add

  Light Cream 5gal  Add

  Light Cream Half Gallon  Add

  Light Cream Quart  Add


  2% Milk  Add

  Fat Free Skim Milk  Add

  Orange Juice  Add

  Spring Water  Add

  Whole Milk  Add


  1% Chocolate  Add

  1% Milk  Add

  2% Milk  Add

  Fat Free Skim Milk  Add

  Lemonade  Add

  Orange Juice Pure & Natural  Add

  Orange Juice Select  Add

  Organic 2% Stoneyfield  Add

  Organic Fat Free Stoneyfield  Add

  Whole Milk  Add


  1% Milk  Add

  2% Milk  Add

  Buttermilk  Add

  Fat Free Skim Milk  Add

  Orange Juice  Add

  Whole Milk  Add

Single Serve

  1% Chocolate 14oz  Add

  1% Milk 14oz  Add

  Coffee 14oz  Add

  Lemon Tea 14oz  Add

  Lemonade 14oz  Add

  Orange Juice 14oz  Add

  Poland Springs Water 16.9oz  Add

  Whole Milk 14oz  Add

Frozen Foods

Desserts Frozen

  Apple Pie Chef Pierre 6/10"  Add

  Blueberry Pie Chef Pierre 6/10"  Add

  Carrot Cake Chef Pierre Layered 4/52oz  Add

  Cheesecake Plain Sliced  Add

  Chocolate Cream Pie 6/10"  Add

  Cool Whip Topping Rich's 12/16oz  Add

  Frozen Whip Base Rich's 12/32oz  Add

  On Top Topping Rich's 12/16oz  Add

  Pie Shells 10"  Add

  Pie Shells Deep Dish 9" 20/8oz  Add

  Whip Topping Rich's 12/32oz  Add

Chicken Products

  Breast Patties Barber 100% 301 60/3oz  Add

  Buffalo Finger Barber 10#  Add

  Chicken Breast Fillet Pierce Breaded PG110 10#  Add

  Chicken Breast Fillet Pierce Unbreaded 0035 10#  Add

  Chicken Breast Fillet Tyson 2563 56/3oz  Add

  Chicken Breast Stuffed 24/8oz  Add

  Chicken Fillet Barber Supreme 40/4oz  Add

  Chicken Fingers Barber Crunchy 10#  Add

  Chicken Meat All White Diced 10#  Add

  Chicken Meat Mixed Diced 10#  Add

  Chicken Nugget Barber 10#  Add

  Chicken Nugget Tyson Oven 2378 10#  Add

  Chicken Patties Tyson 0431  Add

  Chicken Patties Tyson 2130  Add

  Chicken Patties Tyson Oven 2379 60/3.34oz  Add

  Chicken Patties Tyson Southern Fried 2416 60ct  Add

  Chicken Tyson 4 Piece  Add

  Chicken Tyson Honey Stung 3 Piece 4480 24/12oz  Add

  Drumettes 8/5#  Add

  Italian Finger Barber 10#  Add

  Wing Dings Perdue 15#  Add

  Wing Dings Perdue Spicy  Add

  Wings Cut Party 40#  Add


  Apple Strudel Chef Pierre 3/78oz  Add

  Bagels (Plain, Onion, Sesame, Poppy, Cinnamon Raisin) 45  Add

  Biscuits Pilsbury Hungry Jack 96/2.8oz  Add

  Blueberry Muffin SL 42/4.25oz  Add

  Bran Muffin SL 42/4.25oz  Add

  Bread Dough Rich's Wheat 24/18.25oz  Add

  Bread Dough Rich's White 24/18.25oz  Add

  Cinnamon Pecan Muffin SL 42/4.25oz  Add

  Corn Muffin SL 42/4.25oz  Add

  Croissants SL Sliced 48/3oz  Add

  Croissants SL Unsliced 36/2oz  Add

  Danishes Assorted Wrapped 24  Add

  English Muffins Thomas 6/12  Add

  Muffin Mix Sara Lee 2/54  Add

  Pita Bread White 8"  Add


  Duck Breast  Add

  Ducks 4/6#  Add

  Geese 4 Piece 10-12#  Add

  Hens Rock Cornish 16-24  Add

Entrees Frozen

  Eggplant Cutlets Battered 10#  Add

  Lasagna Meat 4/6#  Add

  Lasagna Sheets 10#  Add

  Lasagna Vegetable 4/6#  Add

  Macaroni and Cheese 4/4.75#  Add

  Manicotti 60/2.75oz  Add

  Meatballs 0.5oz 10#  Add

  Meatballs 1.5oz 10#  Add

  Meatballs 1oz 10#  Add

  Ortellini with Spinach and Cheese 10#  Add

  Pizza Ellio's 12/24oz  Add

  Raviolis and Cheese Jumbo 21  Add

  Raviolis Beef Regular 200  Add

  Raviolis Cheese Regular 200  Add

  Shells Stuffed 96/2.75oz  Add

  Shells Stuffed Jumbo 5/24  Add

  Tortellini with Meat 10#  Add

French Fries McCain's

  Crinkle Cut 1/2" Poulouse 6/5#  Add

  Gold 3/8" S.C. Brown Box 6/5#  Add

  Gold 3/8" S.C. Grade A Extra Long Fancy 6/5#  Add

  Idaho 1/4" Shoestring Fries 6/5#  Add

  Steak Fries 6/5#  Add

  Ultimate 3/8" S.C. Grade A Long Fancy 6/5#  Add

  Ultimate 5/16" S.C. Grade A Long Fancy 6/5#  Add

  Ultimate Wedges  Add

Fruit Frozen

  Blueberries Wild Maine 30#  Add

  Cranberries Sliced 20#  Add

  Raspberries 2/5#  Add

  Raspberries IQF 24/10oz  Add

  Strawberries Simplot with Juice 6/6.5#  Add

  Strawberries Whole IQF 12/1#  Add


  Broccoli and Cheese  Add

  Dyna Bites  Add

  Jalapenos Bombs Cream Cheese  Add

  Jalapenos Bombs Jalapeno  Add

  Mozzarella Sticks 5/4#  Add

  Mushrooms Breaded 6/4#  Add

  Musshrooms Moore's Breaded  Add

  Potato Puffs Tater Tots  Add

Onion Rings

  Battered Onion Rings Non-Pareil 2/5#  Add

  Beer Battered Onion Rings Non-Pareil 2/5#  Add

  Breaded Onion Rings Non-Pareil 2/5#  Add

Portion Control Boneless Skls Chicken

  Chicken 5oz 24  Add

  Chicken 6oz 24  Add

  Chicken 8oz 24  Add

Potatoes Breakfast

  Breakfast Browns Skin Off 6/5#  Add

  Breakfast Browns Skin On 6/5  Add

  Oval Patties  Add

  Potato Skins Splits Penobscott 24#  Add

  Shredded Hash Browns  Add

Seafood Frozen

  Clam Cakes Harmon's 10#  Add

  Crab Meat Maine 1#  Add

  Haddock Icelandic 5#  Add

  Haddock Squares Pre-cooked 6/4.5oz  Add

  Haddock Squares Raw Breaded  Add

  Haddock Tails  Add

  Haddock Wedges Battered  Add

  Lobster Meat (No Tendons) 2.5#  Add

  Pollock Alaskan 10#  Add

  Sea Leg Supreme 10#  Add

  Shrimp Popcorn 10#  Add

  Shrimp Raw Green Headless 16-20 50/3oz  Add

Turkey Frozen

  Fresh Turkey All Sizes (at Thanksgiving)  Add

  Turkey 22#-24#  Add

  Turkey 24#-26#  Add

  Turkey 8#-22#  Add

Vegetables Frozen

  Asparagus Spears 6/2.5#  Add

  Broccoli Cuts 12/2.5#  Add

  Broccoli Spears 12/2#  Add

  Broccoli Spears Baby 12/2#  Add

  Carrots Sliced 12/2#  Add

  Carrots Whole Baby 12/2#  Add

  Cauliflower 12/2#  Add

  Corn Whole Kernel Cut 12/2#  Add

  Green Beans Cut 12/2.5#  Add

  Green Beans French Cut 12/2.5#  Add

  Green Beans Whole 12/2#  Add

  Peas & Carrots 12/2.5#  Add

  Peas & Onions 12/2.5#  Add

  Peas 12/2.5#  Add

  Spinach Leaf 12/2.5#  Add

  Vegetables Mixed 12/2.5#  Add

  Wax Beans Cut 12/2#  Add

Dry Goods

Baking Items

  Baking Powder 24/12oz  Add

  Baking Powder Eagle 4/10oz  Add

  Baking Soda 24/16oz  Add

  Chocolate Chips 25#  Add

  Chocolate Squares Sweetened Baker's 12/8oz  Add

  Chocolate Squares Unsweetened Baker's 12/8oz  Add

  Cocoa Baking 6/5#  Add

  Cocoa Hershey's 24/8oz  Add

  Coconut Flakes Durkee 12/7oz  Add

  Corn Starch 24/1#  Add

  Dates 24/1#  Add

  Raisins 24/15oz  Add

  Raisins 30#  Add

  Yeast Dry Red Star 12/2oz  Add


  Barley J R 24/1#  Add

  Black Turtle Beans 24/1#  Add

  Brown Rice Uncle Ben's Whole Grain 25#  Add

  Kidney Beans 20#  Add

  Kidney Beans 24/1#  Add

  Lentils 24/16oz  Add

  Pea Beans Navy 20#  Add

  Pea Beans Navy 24/1#  Add

  Pinto Beans 24/1#  Add

  Rice Delta Star 25#  Add

  Rice Pilaf Near East 10#  Add

  Rice Uncle Ben's 25#  Add

  Split Peas 24/1#  Add

  Wild Rice Long Grain 6/36oz  Add


  Butter Balls 6/3#  Add

  Butter Blend 60/40 30#  Add

  Butter Chips 90 6/5#  Add

  Butter Cups 8#  Add

  Butter Foil Wrap 4/4.25#  Add

  Butter Quarters 36/1#  Add

  Butter Reddies 15#  Add

  Butter Solids 36/1#  Add

  Butter Solids Unsalted 36/1#  Add

  Butter Whipped 2/7#  Add

  Margarine Cups Promise 600  Add

  Oleo Quarters 30/1#  Add

  Oleo Solids 30/1#  Add


  American Cooper C/V Processed Sharp 6/5#  Add

  American Land O Lakes Block 6/5#  Add

  American Land O Lakes Sliced 120/160 6/5#  Add

  Asiago Cheese  Add

  Blue Cheese Crumbled 4/5#  Add

  Blue Cheese Danish Wheel 6#  Add

  Blue Cheese Wheel Saga 2.5#  Add

  Boursin 12/4oz  Add

  Brie Baby Tins 12/4.5oz  Add

  Brie Wheel 2.5#  Add

  Cheddar Hunters 10#  Add

  Cheddar Sharp Sliced 12/15oz  Add

  Cheddar Spread Wispread 10#  Add

  Cheddar White Print 10#  Add

  Cheddar Yellow Shredded 4/5#  Add

  Cheese Sauce Gehl's 6/10 can  Add

  Cream Cheese Log 10/3#  Add

  Feta 2/9#  Add

  Fontina Danish  Add

  Goat Cheese 2/2.2#  Add

  Gorganzola  Add

  Gouda Smoked 5#  Add

  Gruyere Log 5#  Add

  Havarti Dill 9#  Add

  Havarti Plain 9#  Add

  Jarlsberg 20#  Add

  Mascarpone 4/5#  Add

  Monterey Jack 10#  Add

  Monterey Jack Shredded 4/5#  Add

  Mozz/Prov 50/50 Shredded 4/5#  Add

  Mozzarella Balls Fresh 2/3#  Add

  Mozzarella Part Skim 6/6#  Add

  Mozzarella Shredded 4/5#  Add

  Muenster 6#  Add

  Parmesan Grated 4/5#  Add

  Parmesan Shredded 4/5#  Add

  Pepper Jack Print 10#  Add

  Pepperoni & Cheese Loaf 2/5#  Add

  Provolone 3/11#  Add

  Provolone Sliced 2#  Add

  Romano Grated 4/5#  Add

  Stilton English 8#  Add

  Swiss 4x4 10#  Add

  Swiss Imported 4x6 2/12#  Add

  Swiss Sliced 2#  Add

Clam Fry Mixes

  Breader Faulds Super 50#  Add

  Clam Fry DCA 50#  Add

  Clam Fry Faulds 50#  Add

  Clam Fry Faulds 6/5#  Add

  Fry-eze Faulds 50#  Add

  Tempura Mix GD 6/5#  Add


  Mayo Admiration 4/1gal  Add

  Mayo Hellman's 4/1gal  Add

  Mayo Ken's X-Heavy 4/1gal  Add

  Mustard French's Squeeze 12/16oz  Add

  Mustard French's Yellow 4/1gal  Add

  Mustard Goulden's Brown 4/1gal  Add

  Mustard Grey Poupon 12/8oz  Add

  Mustard Grey Poupon 6/24oz  Add

  Mustard Grey Poupon 6/48oz  Add

Cracker Items

  Bread Crumbs 4C's 12/15oz  Add

  Bread Crumbs 6/5#  Add

  Bread Crumbs Plain 15#  Add

  Bread Crumbs Plain 25#  Add

  Bread Crumbs Seasoned 25#  Add

  Cracker Meal G & L Extra Fine 25#  Add

  Cracker Meal G & L Medium 25#  Add

  Cracker Meal Nabisco Fine 25#  Add

  Cracker Nabisco Am Selection Sleeves 6#  Add

  Croutons Home Style 4/25#  Add

  Croutons Home Style Seasoned 4/25#  Add

  Crushed Ritz 10#  Add

  Crushed Saltines 10#  Add

  Graham Cracker Crumbs 2/5#  Add

  Oyster Cracker Westminster 150/0.5oz  Add

  Saltines Westminster 500/2ct  Add

Deli Meats

  Bologna All Beef Russer 9#  Add

  Bologna German Russer 9#  Add

  Bologna German Shields 2pc per case  Add

  Corned Beef Rounds Cooked Kayem 6#  Add

  Ham Baked Virginia Russer 13#  Add

  Ham Boiled Smithfield 10% 12#  Add

  Ham Chopped 12#  Add

  Ham FDL 12#  Add

  Ham Honey Russer 11#  Add

  Ham Imported Celebrity 11#  Add

  Ham Oval Hormel Menu Master-Breakfast 10#  Add

  Kielbasa Rings Shields 18-20#  Add

  Mortadella 7#  Add

  Pastrami Rounds Black Kayem 6#  Add

  Pastrami Whole Mosey's 5#  Add

  Pepperoni Sliced 25#  Add

  Pepperoni Sticks 10#  Add

  Roast Beef Cooked 12#  Add

  Roast Beef Shields 1pc per case  Add

  Salami Cooked Russer  Add

  Salami Genoa 6#  Add

  Salami Hard 6#  Add

  Salami Shields 2pc per case  Add

  Turkey Breast Kayem O/R 9#  Add

Dough Balls

  Take Two 16/24oz  Add

  Take Two 18/22oz  Add

  Take Two 24/16oz  Add

  Take Two 36/10oz  Add

  Take Two 8oz  Add

Egg Products

  Better'n Eggs 12/32oz  Add

  Egg Whites 6/5# (0.5gal)  Add

  Egg Yolks Pasteurized 15/2#  Add

  Eggs Fresh (White/Brown) 15doz  Add

  Eggs Whole Liquid 6/5# (0.5gal)  Add

Filling Canned

  Apple Filling Sliced RTU 6/10  Add

  Apple Sliced Filling 6/10  Add

  Apple Turnover Filling Fancy 6/10  Add

  Blueberry Filling RTU 6/10  Add

  Cherry Filling RTU 6/10  Add

  Date Filling Orchard 6/10  Add

  Fig Square Filling 6/10  Add

  Lemon Filling RTU 6/10  Add

  Mince Filling 6/10   Add

  Pineapple Filling RTU 6/10  Add

  Pumpkin Pie Filling 24/30oz  Add

  Pumpkin Pie Filling Libby's 6/10  Add

  Raspberry Filling RTU 6/10  Add

  Raspberry Turnover Filling 6/10  Add

  Strawberry Filling RTU 6/10  Add

  Strawberry/Rhubarb Filling 6/10  Add

Fish Canned

  Anchovies 13oz  Add

  Tuna Chunk White 24/12oz  Add

  Tuna Chunk White 6/4#  Add

  Tuna Light 6/4#  Add

  Tuna Solid White  Add

  Tuna Tongol 6/66.5oz  Add


  Corn Flour Yellow 50#  Add

  Corn Meal 4/6#  Add

  Corn Meal Natural Coarse 50#  Add

  Flour Full Strength 50#  Add

  Flour H&R G C 25#  Add

  Flour H&R Sunshine 50#  Add

  Flour Hi-Gluten 50#  Add

  Flour King Arthur 50#  Add

  Flour Wondra 50#  Add

  Pastry Flour Purity 50#  Add

Fruit Canned

  Apples Sliced 6/10  Add

  Cherries Stemless 4/1gal  Add

  Fruit Salad Festival 4/1gal  Add

  Fruit Salad Tropical 6/10  Add

  Grapefruit Sections 4/1gal  Add

  Orange Sections 4/1gal  Add

  Oranges Mandarin 6/10  Add

  Peaches Sliced 24/15oz  Add

  Peaches Sliced 6/10  Add

  Pineapple Chunks 24/20oz  Add

  Pineapple Chunks 6/10  Add

  Pineapple Crushed 24/20oz  Add

  Pineapple Crushed 6/10  Add

  Pineapple Sliced 24/20oz  Add

  Pineapple Sliced 6/10  Add

  Pineapple Tid-Bits 6/10  Add


  Beef Au Jus Legout 12/51oz  Add

  Brown Gravy Legout 12/51oz  Add

  Chicken Gravy Legout 12/51oz  Add

  Pork Gravy Mix Legout 8/13oz  Add

  Turkey Gravy Legout 12/51oz  Add


  Beef Broth College Inn 12/46oz  Add

  Beef Stew Venice Maid 6/10  Add

  Chicken Broth College Inn 12/46oz  Add

  Chili Con Carne Chef Mate 6/10  Add

  Corned Beef Hash Chef Mate 6/10  Add

  Corned Beef Hash Venice Maid 6/10  Add

  Garlic Great 6/1qt  Add

Hot Dogs

  Shields nc 10's 10/1#  Add

  Shields nc 10's 2/5#  Add

  Shields nc 10's 5/3#  Add

  Shields nc 8's 2/5#  Add

  Shields Red Dogs 2/5#  Add

  Shields Skinless 10's 8/3#  Add

  Shields Skinless 7's 4/5#  Add


  Apple Jelly 6/4#  Add

  Assorted Jellies Smucker's (Strawberry, Orange, Grape) 200/0.8oz  Add

  Breakfast Syrup Cups 100/1.5oz  Add

  Currant Jelly 6/4#  Add

  Grape Jelly 6/4#  Add

  Grape Jelly Smucker's 200/0.8oz  Add

  Honey 12/16oz  Add

  Honey 6/5#  Add

  Mint Apple Jelly 6/4#  Add

  Molasses 4/1gal  Add

  Molasses Grandma's 4/1gal  Add

  Orange Marmalade 6/4#  Add

  Orange Marmalade Smucker's 12/18oz  Add

  Orange Marmalade Smucker's 200/0.8oz  Add

  Peanut Butter 6/5#  Add

  Raspberry Preserve 6/4#  Add

  Red Raspberry Jam Smucker's 12/18oz  Add

  Strawberry Jam Smucker's 200/0.8oz  Add

  Strawberry Preserve 6/4#  Add

Juices, canned

  Apple Juice 48/5.5oz  Add

  Apple Juice 48/6oz  Add

  Apple Juice 8/60oz  Add

  Clamato Juice 12/1 Liter  Add

  Cranberry Juice 48/5.5oz  Add

  Cranberry Juice 8/60oz  Add

  Grapefruit Juice 8/60oz  Add

  Orange Juice 48/6oz  Add

  Orange Juice 8/60oz  Add

  Pineapple Juice 12/46oz  Add

  Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice 8/60oz  Add

  V-8 Juice 12/32oz  Add

  V-8 Juice 48/5.5oz  Add

  Welch's Tomato Juice 12/32oz  Add

Lemon/Lime Juice

  Bitters 12/10oz  Add

  Grenadine 12/25oz  Add

  Lemon Juice Real 12/32oz  Add

  Lime Juice Real 12/32oz  Add

Mexican Foods

  Avocado Pulp Frozen 3/10 cans  Add

  Flour Tortillas 12" Frozen  Add

  Guacamole Frozen 3/96oz  Add

  Hot Peppers Chopped 4/1gal  Add

  Jalapenos Sliced 4/1gal  Add

  Nacho Chips 2/3#  Add

  Refried Beans Black 6/10 cans  Add

  Refried Beans Vegetarian 6/10 cans  Add

Milk Products

  Evaporated Milk 24/12oz  Add

  Evaporated Milk Carnation 24/12oz  Add

  Evaporated Milk Grand Crest 6/10 can  Add

  Non-Dairy Creamer Coffee Mate 12/110oz  Add

  Non-Dairy Creamer Rich's 24/12oz  Add

  Sweetened Condensed Milk Eagle Brand 24/12oz  Add

  Topic Non-Dairy Creamer 12/19oz  Add

  Unsweetened Milk Eagle Brand 24/12oz  Add

Muffin Mixes

  Apple Cinnamon Muffin GM 6/5#  Add

  Apple Cranberry Nut Muffin Granny Smith 18#  Add

  Banana Nut Bread GM 6/5#  Add

  Banana Nut Muffin 18#  Add

  Basic Muffin 6/5#  Add

  Blueberry Muffin GM 6/5#  Add

  Chocolate Chip Dough 18#  Add

  Cinnamon Streusel Muffin GM 6/5#  Add

  Corn Muffin Concord Farms 1#  Add

  Corn Muffin GM 6/5#  Add

  Date Muffin GM 6/5#  Add

  Oat Bran Muffin GM 6/5#  Add

  Orange Cranberry Muffin GM 6/5#  Add

  Orange Raisin Muffin GM 6/5#  Add

  Raisin Bran Muffin GM 6/5#  Add

  Variety Muffin GM 6/5#  Add


  Almonds Sliced 25#  Add

  Almonds Sliced 6/3#  Add

  Pecan Pieces 30#  Add

  Walnut Pieces 30#  Add


  99 Crisco 12/3#  Add

  Corn Oil Mazola 6/1gal  Add

  Fry Max 1/35#  Add

  Kaola Gold 6/10#  Add

  Lard Oakleaf 50#  Add

  Mel Fry 1/35#  Add

  Oil Canola 1/35#  Add

  Oil Catania 10% 6/1gal  Add

  Oil Wesson 6/1gal  Add

  Olive Oil 100% 6/1gal  Add

  Olive Oil Extra Virgin 100% 6/1gal  Add

  Olive Oil Extra Virgin 4/3liter  Add

  Pan Coating Wesson 6/17oz  Add

  Phase 3/1gal  Add

  Popall 3/1gal  Add

  Popcorn Oil 6/1gal  Add

  Primex Cubes 50#  Add

  Sunburst 3/1gal  Add

  Sweetex Cubes 50#  Add

  Whirl 3/5qt  Add


  Angel Hair Pasta 20#  Add

  Egg Noodles 10#  Add

  Elbow Macaroni 20#  Add

  Fettuccini 20#  Add

  Lasagna Noodles 10#  Add

  Linguine 20#  Add

  Penne Pasta 10#  Add

  Rotini Rainbow 10#  Add

  Rotini Spirals 4/5#  Add

  Spaghetti Thin 20#  Add

  Vermicelli 20#  Add

  Ziti Cut 20#  Add

Paste Bases

  Anchovy Paste 12/20oz  Add

  Beef Base Custom 12/1#  Add

  Beef Base Knorr 6/1#  Add

  Bernaise Sauce Knorr 6/32oz  Add

  Brown Gravy Mix Knorr 6/19oz  Add

  Capers 12/32oz  Add

  Chicken Base Custom 12/1#  Add

  Chicken Base Knorr 6/1#  Add

  Clam Base 12/1#  Add

  Dark Chocolate Mousse Knorr 10/8.75oz  Add

  Demi Glaze Knorr 4/32oz  Add

  Fish Base 6/1#  Add

  Fish Bullion Knorr 6/32oz  Add

  French Onion Soup Mix Knorr 6/21oz  Add

  Gravy Master 12/1qt  Add

  Hollandaise Sauce Knorr 4/24oz  Add

  Lobster Base Custom 6/1#  Add

  Milk Chocolate Mousse Knorr 10/8.75oz  Add

  Seafood Base 6/1#  Add

  Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Knorr 10/8.75oz  Add

  Vegetable Base Knorr 6/1#  Add

  Vegetable Base Knorr 6/32oz  Add

  Vegetable Soup Mix Knorr 6/19oz  Add

  White Sauce Knorr 4/32oz  Add

  White Chocolate Mousse Knorr 10/8.75oz  Add


  Bread & Butter Sweet Pickles 4/1gal  Add

  Cherries 4/1gal  Add

  Dill Cubes 3/8" 5gal  Add

  Dill Hamburger Slices 5gal  Add

  Dill Kosher Chips 4/1gal  Add

  Dill Kosher Spears 4/1gal  Add

  Dill Kosher Whole 4/1gal  Add

  Dill Processed Slim Strips 2gal  Add

  Dill Processed Whole 5gal  Add

  Dill Relish 4/1gal  Add

  Horseradish 6/32oz  Add

  Hot Red Pepper Relish Oxford 4/1gal  Add

  Olives Black Imported Sliced 6/10  Add

  Olives Black Imported Whole Pitted 6/10  Add

  Olives Cocktail 6/16oz  Add

  Olives Greek 28#  Add

  Olives Greek 6/Half-Gallon  Add

  Olives Spanish 4/1gal  Add

  Onions Cocktail 6/32oz  Add

  Pepperocini 4/1gal  Add

  Sweet Green Relish Oxford 4/1gal  Add

  Sweet Mixed Pickles 4/1gal  Add

  Sweet Red Relish Grandma's 2 1/2gal  Add

  Sweet Relish Coarse 4/1gal  Add

Pork Products

  Bacon Canadian 4/5#  Add

  Bacon Hardwood Smoked  Add

  Bacon Layout Peer 18-22 15#  Add

  Bacon Pancetta 3-4#  Add

  Bacon Pre-cooked Hormel 300 3#  Add

  Bacon Raw Layout Hormel 15#  Add

  Bacon Raw Layout Plumrose 15#  Add

  Bacon Smithfield 1#  Add

  Bacon Toppings 10#  Add

  Ribs with Sauce Pork Mesquite Smoked  Add

Powdered Mixes

  Belgian Waffle Mix GM Complete 6/5#  Add

  Biscuit Mix GM 6/5#  Add

  Bisquick GM 6/5#  Add

  Brownie Mix GM 6/5#  Add

  Buttermilk Pancake Mix GM Complete 6/5#  Add

  Devil's Food Cake Mix GM 6/5#  Add

  Fudge Cake Mix Duncan Hines Dark 12  Add

  Pancake Mix Pillsbury Hungry Jack 6/5#  Add

  Pie Crust Mix GM 6/5#  Add

  White Cake Mix GM 6/5#  Add

  Yellow Cake Mix GM 6/5#  Add


  Butterscotch Pudding 6/10  Add

  Chocolate Pudding 6/10  Add

  Tapioca Pudding 6/10  Add

  Vanilla Pudding 6/10  Add


  Baguettes Rudi Box 202 Long French 22" 25/8.75oz  Add

  Boule Rudi Box 240 French Mini 28/6.5oz  Add

  Deli Rolls (Bulkie Burger) Piantedosi C-193 F-cooked 4.5" 60  Add

  Dinner Rolls Piantedosi C 307 Crusty Hard 180  Add

  Dinner Rolls Rudi Box 200 240/1.25oz  Add

  Dinner Rolls Rudi Box 245 120/1.25oz  Add

  Dinner Rolls Rudi Box 251 French 280/1oz  Add

  Dinner Rolls Rudi Box Assorted 280/1oz  Add

  Hamburger Rolls Piantedosi C-89 D-lux with Seeds 12/6  Add

  Hot Dog Rolls Piantedosi C-115 New England Style 16/12  Add

  Pita Piantedosi C-92 White 8" 72  Add

  Rounds (Bulkie Roll) Rudi Box 218 French 90/3oz  Add

  Sub Rolls Piantedosi C-70 10" 9/6  Add

  Sub Rolls Piantedosi C-73 8" 12/6  Add

  Sub Rolls Piantedosi C-95 12" 12/6  Add

  Wheat Bread Piantedosi 19o  Add

  White Bread Piantedosi 19oz  Add

Salad Dressings, Bulk

  Blue Cheese Ken's Buffalo 4/1gal  Add

  Blue Cheese Ken's Chunky 4/1gal  Add

  Caesar Dressing Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Caesar Ken's Creamy 4/1gal  Add

  Cole Slaw Dressing Ken's Deluxe 4/1gal  Add

  Cole Slaw Dressing Kraft 4/1gal  Add

  French Dressing Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Greek Dressing Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Honey Mustard Sauce Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Italian Dressing Ken's Creamy 4/1gal  Add

  Italian Dressing Ken's Golden 4/1gal  Add

  Italian Dressing Ken's Separating 4/1gal  Add

  Light Ranch Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Lite Caesar Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Lite Italian Dressing Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Parmesan & Peppercorn Dressing Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Poppy Seed Dressing Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Ranch Dressing Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Ranch Dressing Ken's Buttermilk 4/1gal  Add

  Raspberry Fat Free Vinaigrette Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Raspberry-Cranberry Vinaigrette Fat Free Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Russian Dressing Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Tartar Sauce New England 4/1gal  Add

  Thousand Island Dressing Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Zinfandel Dressing Saratoga 4/1gal  Add

Salad Dressings, Singles and Cups

  BBQ Sauce Cups Ken's 100/1oz  Add

  Blue Cheese Dressing Cups Ken's 60/1.5oz  Add

  Caesar Dressing Cups Ken's 60/1.5oz  Add

  Cocktail Sauce Cups Ken's 200/0.75oz  Add

  Cocktail Sauce Cups Ken's 60/1.5oz  Add

  Cream Cheese Cups Ken's 100/1oz  Add

  Cream Cheese Packets Ken's 100/1.5oz  Add

  Honey Mustard Cups Ken's 100/1oz  Add

  Italian Dressing Cups Ken's Creamy 60/1.5oz  Add

  Italian Dressing Cups Ken's Fat Free 60/1.5oz  Add

  Italian Dressing Cups Ken's Golden 60/1.5oz  Add

  Light Caesar Dressing Packets Ken's 200/0.75oz  Add

  Light Cream Cheese Cups Ken's 100/1oz  Add

  Light Italian Dressing Cups Ken's 60/1.5oz  Add

  Mayo Packets Ken's 60/1.5oz  Add

  Mustard Packets Ken's 60/1.5oz  Add

  Parmesan & Peppercorn Cups Ken's 60/1.5oz  Add

  Ranch Dressing Packets Ken's 100/1.5oz  Add

  Sweet & Sour Cups Ken's 100/1oz  Add

  Tartar Sauce Cups Ken's 200/0.75oz  Add

  Thousand Island Dressing Cups Ken's 60/1.5oz  Add

Salads Pre-Made (special orders)

  Cole Slaw 10#  Add

  Macaroni Salad 10#  Add

  Pasta Salad Twist 10#  Add

  Potato Salad Red Bliss 10#  Add

  Potato Salad Regular 10#  Add


  Apple Sauce 6/10 cans  Add

  Barbecue Sauce Cannonball 4/1gal  Add

  Barbecue Sauce Cattleman's 4/1gal  Add

  Barbecue Sauce Ken's Western 4/1gal  Add

  Cheddar Cheese Sauce Chef Mate 6/10 cans  Add

  Cocktail Sauce Ken's 4/1gal  Add

  Cranberry Sauce Ocean Spray Jellied 6/10 cans  Add

  Cranberry Sauce Whole 6/10 cans  Add

  Hot Sauce Durkee Red 1/1gal  Add

  Hot Sauce Frank's Hotter 4/1gal  Add

  Hot Sauce Louisiana Wingers 4/1gal  Add

  Hot Sauce Tabasco 12/12oz  Add

  Hot Sauce Tabasco 24/2oz  Add

  Jalapeno Cheese Sauce Gehl's 6/10 cans   Add

  Salsa Sauce Pace Medium 4/1gal  Add

  Soy Sauce Kikkoman's 4/1gal  Add

  Steak Sauce A-1 24/5oz  Add

  Sweet and Sour Sauce LaChoy 4/1gal  Add

  Teriyaki Glaze Kikkoman's 6/0.5gal  Add

  Teriyaki Sauce Kikkoman's 12/10oz  Add

  Worcester Sauce 24/5oz  Add

  Worcester Sauce 4/1gal  Add

Sausage Products

  Sausage Andouie  Add

  Sausage Breakfast Links Shields (Raw) 5#  Add

  Sausage Crumbled 10#  Add

  Sausage Hog Casing Decosta (Raw) 5#  Add

  Sausage Hot Italian Shields (Raw) 5#  Add

  Sausage Hot Cooked Pearl  Add

  Sausage Links Pre-cooked Ember Farms 2oz 10#  Add

  Sausage Links Pre-cooked Jones 10#  Add

  Sausage Patties Pre-cooked Ember Farms 2oz 10#  Add

  Sausage Rolls  Add

  Sausage Sweet Italian Shields (Raw) 5#  Add

  Sausage Sweet Cooked Vinney's  Add


  Beef Noodle Soup 12/51oz  Add

  Chicken Noodle Soup 12/51oz  Add

  Clam Chowder 12/51oz  Add

  Cream of Broccoli Soup 12/32oz  Add

  Cream of Celery Soup Legout 12/51oz  Add

  Cream of Chicken Soup Legout 12/51oz  Add

  Cream of Mushroom Soup 12/32oz  Add

  Minestrone Soup 12/51oz  Add

  Tomato Soup Legout 12/51oz  Add

  Vegetable Beef Soup Legout 12/51oz  Add


  Accent 6/2#  Add

  Allspice Ground 20oz  Add

  Allspice Whole12oz  Add

  Almond Extract Imitation 16oz  Add

  Basil Ground 12oz  Add

  Basil Leaves 22oz  Add

  Basil Whole 5/5oz  Add

  Basil Whole Leaf 32oz  Add

  Bay Leaves Whole 10oz  Add

  Bay Leaves Whole 2oz  Add

  Black Red Fish Seasoning 20oz  Add

  Cajun Seasoning 14oz  Add

  Caraway Seed 6/18oz  Add

  Celery Salt 16oz  Add

  Chili Powder 6/16oz  Add

  Chili Powder Light 5/10oz  Add

  Chives Chopped and Dried 12/1#  Add

  Cilantro Freeze Dried 1.75oz  Add

  Cinnamon Ground 4#  Add

  Cinnamon Ground 6/15oz  Add

  Cinnamon Sticks 16oz  Add

  Cloves Ground 16oz  Add

  Cloves Whole 16oz  Add

  Coriander Ground 14oz  Add

  Cream of Tartar 24oz  Add

  Cumin Seed Whole 13oz  Add

  Curry Powder 12/16oz  Add

  Dill Seed 15oz  Add

  Dill Weed 6oz  Add

  Fennel Seed Ground 16oz  Add

  Fennel Seed Whole 14oz  Add

  Garlic Granulated 6/16oz  Add

  Garlic Powder 6/16oz  Add

  Garlic Salt 16oz  Add

  Ginger Ground 6/16oz  Add

  Italian Seasoning 16oz  Add

  Italian Seasoning 5/8oz  Add

  Lemon Extract 6/1oz  Add

  Marjoram ground 16oz  Add

  Mustard Dry 6/14oz  Add

  Mustard Dry 6/16oz  Add

  Mustard Seed 16oz  Add

  Nutmeg Ground 6/16oz  Add

  Onion Granular 12/1#  Add

  Onion Powder 16oz  Add

  Onion Salt 3/32oz  Add

  Onions Minced 17oz  Add

  Oregano Leaves 32oz  Add

  Oregano Whole Leaf 3/32oz  Add

  Paprika Spanish 5#  Add

  Paprika Spanish 6/6oz  Add

  Parsley Large Flakes 10oz  Add

  Parsley Small Flakes 10oz  Add

  Parsley Small Flakes 2oz  Add

  Pepper Black Fine 5#  Add

  Pepper Black Ground 16oz  Add

  Pepper Black Ground 5#  Add

  Pepper Black Whole 18oz  Add

  Pepper Butcher's 16oz  Add

  Pepper Butcher's 5#  Add

  Pepper Cayenne 6/16oz  Add

  Pepper Lemon 1#  Add

  Pepper Red Crushed 12/16oz  Add

  Pepper Red Crushed 16oz  Add

  Pepper Shaker 48/1.25oz  Add

  Pepper White Ground 16oz  Add

  Peppercorns Large 15oz  Add

  Peppercorns Large 16oz  Add

  Pickling Spice 13oz  Add

  Poppy Seed 16oz  Add

  Rosemary Ground 16oz  Add

  Rosemary Whole Leaves 8.5oz  Add

  Sage Rubbed 16oz  Add

  Salt 24/26oz  Add

  Salt 25#  Add

  Salt Kosher 12/3#  Add

  Salt Shaker 48/4oz  Add

  Seasoning Poultry Ground 12oz  Add

  Seasoning Salt Lawry 5#  Add

  Seasoning Salt Lemon Pepper 27oz  Add

  Seasoning Seafood 6/32oz  Add

  Sesame Seed Hulled 18oz  Add

  Tarragon Whole Leaves 16oz  Add

  Thyme Ground 13oz  Add

  Thyme Leaves 16oz  Add

  Vanilla Imitation 5/1gal  Add

  Vanilla Pure 32oz  Add

Stuffing Mixes

  Stuffing Mix Bells 12/1#  Add

  Stuffing Mix Betty Crocker 4/3#  Add

  Stuffing Mix GM Herb 4/3#  Add


  Brown Sugar Light 12/2#  Add

  Confectionary Sugar 12/2#  Add

  Equal Packets 2000  Add

  Sugar 50#  Add

  Sugar 8/5#  Add

  Sugar in the Raw 1000  Add

  Sugar Packets 2000  Add

  Sweet and Low Packets 1250  Add


  Iced Tea Mix 24/12oz  Add

  Tea Bags Decaf 12/48  Add

  Tea Bags Tetley 10/100  Add

  Tea Bags Tetley Iced 96/1oz  Add

Tomato Products

  Chili Sauce Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Ketchup Heinz 6/10 cans  Add

  Ketchup Heinz Bottle 24/14oz  Add

  Ketchup Heinz Packets 1000ct  Add

  Ketchup Heinz Squeeze Plastic 24/20oz  Add

  Ketchup Heinz Wide Mouth 24/12oz  Add

  Ketchup Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Marinara Sauce Full Red 6/10 cans  Add

  Pizza Sauce Angela Mia 6/10 cans  Add

  Pizza Sauce Full Red 6/10 cans  Add

  Pizza Sauce Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Spaghetti Sauce General Mills 6/10 cans  Add

  Spaghetti Sauce Hunt's 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomato Crushed Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomato Diced Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomato Paste Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomato Plum Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomato Plum with Basil Alta Cucina 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomato Puree Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomato Sauce Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomato Stewed Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomato Whole Peeled Red Pack 6/10 cans  Add

  Tomatoes San Benito Diced 6/10 cans  Add


  Apples Sliced 6/10  Add

  Chocolate Syrup 4/1gal  Add

  Chocolate Syrup Hershey's 6/10  Add

  Chocolate Syrup Hershey's Squeeze 24/24oz  Add

  Cofee Syrup 4/1gal  Add

  Dark Syrup Karo 12/16oz  Add

  Dark Syrup Karo 4/1gal  Add

  Hot Fudge Johnston 6/10  Add

  Light Syrup Karo 12/16oz  Add

  Light Syrup Karo 4/1gal  Add

  Molasses 4/1gal  Add

  Molasses Crosby's 4/1gal  Add

  Pancake Syrup Blueberry 4/1gal  Add

  Peanut Butter Sauce 3/10  Add

  Strawberry Syrup 4/1gal  Add

  Syrup Log Cabin 4/1gal  Add

  Syrup Pure Maple 1gal  Add

  Syrup Sugarmill 4/1gal  Add

  Vanilla Imitation 4/1gal  Add

  Vanilla Syrup 4/1gal  Add

Turkey Products

Vegetables Canned

  Artichoke Hearts 6/10  Add

  Beans Bush Baked 12/28oz  Add

  Beans Garbanzo 6/10  Add

  Beans Green Cut 6/10  Add

  Beans Green French Cut 6/10  Add

  Beans Kidney 6/10  Add

  Beans Three/Four Salad 6/10  Add

  Beans Wax 6/10  Add

  Beets Pickled 6/10  Add

  Beets Sliced 6/10  Add

  Beets Whole 6/10  Add

  Carrots Belgium 6/10  Add

  Carrots Sliced 6/10  Add

  Corn Cream Style 6/10  Add

  Corn Whole Kernel 6/10  Add

  Mushrooms Stems and Pieces 6/10  Add

  Pea Beans B&M Baked 6/10  Add

  Peas & Sliced Carrots 6/10  Add

  Peas 6/10  Add

  Pepper Green Strips 6/10  Add

  Pepper Red Strips 6/10  Add

  Peppers Dry Roasted Red 12/28oz  Add

  Potatoes Diced 6/10  Add

  Potatoes Sweet Whole 6/10  Add

  Potatoes Trios Instant 6/10  Add

  Potatoes Whole 6/10  Add


  Balsamic 12/16oz  Add

  Cider 4/1gal  Add

  Malt 12/12oz  Add

  Malt 4/1gal  Add

  Tarragon 4/1gal  Add

  White 4/1gal  Add

  Wine 4/1gal  Add


  Holland House 12oz  Add

  Sherry Cooking 12oz  Add

  Sherry Red 24oz  Add

  Sherry White 24oz  Add